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Welcome! You are now able to follow along, as we pick out some great projects for you to check out throughout the week.

You’ll be able to keep up-to-date with the latest Kickstarters and comment on what we should be looking out for and of course, let us know what you make of the campaigns as they are added.

Follow along and let us know what you think…

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Batman™: Gotham City Chronicles

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Fight for Gotham City as the heroes or work alone as the villain in a miniatures boardgame for 2 to 4 players exclusive to Kickstarter.


Batman™: Gotham City Chronicles - Kicktraq Mini

Donning the Purple

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How would you rule the Roman empire? Show your true colors in this asymmetrical king of the hill game for 1-3 players.

t is the year 193 AD. The Roman Empire is not as great as it once was. Enemies are crossing the borders while famine and political intrigues are tearing the empire apart from within. The previous emperor was killed by his Praetorian bodyguard and has left a vacuum that the powerful families in Rome are trying to fill. Are you ready to don the purple yourself and be the new emperor?

Donning the Purple - Kicktraq Mini


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A game of Japanese spirits for 2-4 players featuring asymmetrical powers, area control, & beauty on a unique rotating board.

A gentle breeze. The soothing sounds of a gently flowing river. The glow of the moon. A bountiful harvest. Basic human emotions such as fear and rage. Even death. They all have an unseen force guiding them. And while these forces work together to make the world what it is, they each aspire for influence over those who believe in them.

Kami-sama - Kicktraq Mini

The Essence

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The Essence is a board game about various factions struggling for dominance in a magic-punk world of mysterious powers and technology.

Each player represents one of the factions struggling for dominance in a magic-punk world of mysterious powers and powerful technology. During the game you will develop your "flying kingdom" by building great monuments, hiring loyal advisors, fighting other nations and reading prophecy fragments, all of which will bring you closer to your ultimate goal – reassembling the Great Crystal and becoming the Emperor of the New World!

The Essence - Kicktraq Mini

War of Supremacy

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A highly dynamic, free-for-all, king of the hill style, fantasy card game. Defeat opponents and conquer territories to rule the world.

War of Supremacy is a free-for-all, king of the hill style card game in which all players are gods fighting over a central Territory. Become the ultimate god by using creatures and spells strategically to take down the current defending opponent. Then, defend against all other players to take the territory for yourself, getting one step closer to world supremacy and victory.

War of Supremacy - Kicktraq Mini

The Battle of Chinese Philosophy

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A Game of Chinese Philosophy ups and downs on the stage of Chinese history from Han Dynasty to Qing Dynasty, filled with Chinese style.

“The Battle of Chinese Philosophy” is the first board game designed by E-Gate Creative, which is based on the rise of Chinese philosophy in Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period (770BC – 221BC).

The Battle of Chinese Philosophy - Kicktraq Mini

Into The Black: Boarding Party

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Breach the airlock, plunder the ship & survive! A Semi-Cooperative Space Pirate Dungeon Crawl for 1-4 players aged 13+.

Take on the role a fierce band of space pirates who have boarded an enemy vessel, set on accomplishing your mission while each pirate also has their own secret goal to fulfill.

Into The Black: Boarding Party - Kicktraq Mini

Of War and Men: WWII

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Command unique fire teams. Control the battlefield. Win the war. This is a squad-level, WW2 strategy card game for 2-4 players.

“Of War and Men” is a WW2 based, squad-level card game that introduces the individual heart of a soldier into the framework and strategies of war. Build effective fireteams and create or discover the land as you cross the war-torn map and try to outflank, outmaneuver, and outgun the enemy.

Of War and Men: WWII - Kicktraq Mini

Burrows & Badgers: Rogues & Vagabonds - Anthro miniatures

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A new set of Burrows & Badgers anthropomorphic animal metal miniatures for gamers, painters and collectors.

We love miniatures. We love tabletop games. We love anthropomorphic animals, from Disney's Robin Hood through The Wind in the Willows to Brian Jaques' Redwall books. So we combined the things we love in our Burrows & Badgers range of metal miniatures.

Burrows & Badgers: Rogues & Vagabonds - Anthro miniatures - Kicktraq Mini

NecroMech Tabletop Role-playing Game

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NecroMech® A Dark Fantasy Tabletop Role-playing Game (TRPG) in a Post WW2 Alternate History Setting.

NecroMech® is a Dark Fantasy Role-Playing Game in a Post WW2 Alternate History Setting; one in which the world has been irrevocably altered by the “Rip”, a catastrophic event triggered by the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Conjoined with a hellish Otherside our heroes and villains use newly awakened or graft-stimulated psychic talents to fight for survival and power. For some the creatures released into the Wastes of what was once Japan must be destroyed while for others they are the source of that power…

NecroMech Tabletop Role-playing Game - Kicktraq Mini

Vote ME! the Party, party game by Redwell Games

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A vocal voting game for 3+ players. Players split into Parties & give Speeches on randomised Policies and Themes to win the most votes.

Will you join the Blue Butterflies, Green Apples, Orange Jellies, Red Balloons or Purple Patches?
Can you win the most votes for your Party by giving the best speech on the randomly chosen Policy & Theme? These could be as diverse as Defence & Toys or Health & Supervillians.

Vote ME! the Party, party game by Redwell Games - Kicktraq Mini
Vote ME! the Party, party game by Redwell Games

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Not even 24 hours old, and nearing $2MM. Crazy stuff.

Cult of Games Member

That Necromech game looks very cool.

Cult of Games Member

Card games shouldn’t take 12 months to produce surely?

Also $30 for metal coins seems very steep in my opinion when for $15 you get all the ship minis added as well


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