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This Week On Kickstarter

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Welcome! You are now able to follow along, as we pick out some great projects for you to check out throughout the week.

You’ll be able to keep up-to-date with the latest Kickstarters and comment on what we should be looking out for and of course let us know what you make of the campaigns as they are added.

Follow along and let us know what you think…

Blogging At This Event:

Museum Rush

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Museum Rush is a competitive thieving game where players race against time to steal treasures from a museum while avoiding cameras, guards, and greedy rivals.

Please take a look at 'The Big Score' pledge level - it's the best value and ensures you'll get all the Kickstarter Exclusives we are making!

Museum Rush - Kicktraq Mini

MajiMonsters: Shattered Empire

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MajiMonsters is a unique tabletop roleplaying game, focusing on monster battling, catching, and training. Players take on the roles of binders, humans with the magical ability to capture MajiMonsters, raise them, and command them in combat.

The world of MajiMonsters is a fantasy dystopia; the enigmatic Old Empire is in ruins, humans were once driven to near extinction, and huge spans of the Wildlands separate today's civilizations. A young emperor hopes unite mankind in a glorious new age, and heroes are needed to bring the shattered empire together.

MajiMonsters: Shattered Empire - Kicktraq Mini

Sick Little Animals

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SICK LITTLE ANIMALS is a collectable card game that pits the cutest, most disturbing animals against one another in a TAKE ALL BATTLE!

Sick Little Animals - Kicktraq Mini

Outer Gods & Interlopers

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Outer Gods and Interlopers is a social deduction game where Cultists perform rituals to honor the great and powerful Outer Gods. A handful of investigators have infiltrated the cell and seek to subvert these unholy rites. The Cult Leader has become increasingly wary of his followers and has taken to sacrificing those who he suspects are not loyal.

Your objective as a cultist is to successfully complete enough rituals to summon forth your dark god. As an investigator your team's goal is to sow enough discord throughout the cult to cause it's collapse and make it fail in its task.

You would have to be mad not to worship Outer Gods and Interlopers' modern day Lovecraftian horror setting!

Outer Gods & Interlopers - Kicktraq Mini

Seeker RPG System & Isles Of Imara Setting

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Seeker is a role-playing game system which main goal is free players creativity and kill the frustration can occur during a game.

It is based and developed on my experience in more than 15 years of gaming; during this long period I realized that unhappiness in game comes often from the lack of results due to failed dice rolls.

In Seeker, I promise, you will always get an effective result from your actions. In addition the use of meta-game in certain stages of the game, slim and effective management of characters and easy but not trivial mechanics make Seeker suitable for both novices and veterans.

Seeker RPG System & Isles Of Imara Setting - Kicktraq Mini

Infamy Collectibles

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A new range from Infamy aimed at painters and collectors alike. Diverse designs, amazing sculptors and high-quality resin casts.

There's no specific theme or setting - the only criteria for entry into the Collectibles range is that a model is cool and exciting!

Infamy Collectibles - Kicktraq Mini

Tragedies Of Middle School

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An anthology of tabletop role-playing games, story games, live action games, and other strangeness inspired by the greatest HORROR of all…junior high.

Tragedies Of Middle School - Kicktraq Mini

Punkapocalyptic - V Reich Faction

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A new faction for the 30mm scale wargame, featuring skirmishes between gangs in a pimp and lethal post-apocalyptic world.

Punkapocalyptic - V Reich Faction - Kicktraq Mini

Honeycomb Cavern - A Roll and Write Game Book

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Honeycomb Cavern is a fast high score roll and write game for one or more players and plays under five minutes - in a book format!

Honeycomb Cavern - A Roll and Write Game Book - Kicktraq Mini

Heroines In Sensible Shoes 3 - Miniatures For RPGs

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We're expanding our range of female adventurer miniatures for use in roleplaying and tabletop games like 5E or Pathfinder.

Heroines In Sensible Shoes 3 - Miniatures For RPGs - Kicktraq Mini

CRYPTIDS: The Combat Game Of Hidden Creatures

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BIGFOOT versus the LOCH NESS MONSTER? Draw your cards, roll the die, and engage the world's most iconic creatures in combat!

CRYPTIDS: The Combat Game Of Hidden Creatures - Kicktraq Mini

War Room: A Larry Harris Game


Larry Harris, renowned Axis & Allies designer, and Nightingale Games present WAR ROOM, a deluxe global World War II board game for 2-6 players.

Over four years in the making, this is Larry's magnum opus.

War Room: A Larry Harris Game - Kicktraq Mini

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thanks for doing all the leg work. I check in a couple of times a month just on the off chance.

Cult of Games Member

War Room looks great but the cost is nuts and the postage is ridiculous at $55 to the UK.

I’m not paying anything like that for MBP and that’s not a light package

If the cost is this high on KS how mad is it going to be retail? Stupid pricing in my opinion, I’m out sadly as was REALLY looking forward to this

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