Dark Sword Hire Some New Fantasy Adventurers

February 21, 2017 by brennon

Dark Sword Miniatures has added another crop of heroes to their webstore. So, come along to the tavern and hire some warriors to head off on your next adventure.

Male Warrior With Battle Axe & Shield

First off we have a pair of Warriors with a Male and Female variant for you to pick out. The male warrior comes with a battle axe and shield whilst the female warrior is wielding a sword and shield.

Female Warrior With Sword & Shield

They both look like they come from the frozen North and have a hint of the same style you'd have seen from the Red Box Miniatures line-up. As standard heroes for your games, or lackeys to fight alongside a villain they'd make for great models in your collection.

We then move on and start looking towards the magical with the Female Mage With Staff.

Female Mage With Staff

I do like a good Mage and this one is summoning up some eldritch power from the beyond. I think she'd work out nicely as either a Sorcerer or Warlock myself though as she has a bit more of an esoteric look to her.

Striking from range, we also have this Female Elven Archer who would be great as your next Ranger or Fighter character in D&D.

Female Elven Archer

I think of all of their female characters though this one, the Female Warrior With Two-Handed Sword, is my favourite.

Female Warrior With Two Handed Sword

Fully clad in armour and with an awesome cloak (gotta love cloaks) she looks like she'd slay a few hundred dragons. The work on the armour is fantastic and maybe she'd make a good upgrade model for your Fighter once they bust through some of the lower levels and grab themselves some epic armour.

Last but not least we have a further male character to add. Here is the Male Dual Wield Rogue...

Male Dual Weild Rogue

My friend has somewhat of an obsession with Rogues and so when he saw this model he was rather taken by it. Looking like he's the typical thief you could have a lot of fun painting him up. It would be neat to see if he'd look cool with alternative weapon options too where you switched out the sword for a cudgel or something?

What do you think of their latest crop of heroes?

"Fully clad in armour and with an awesome cloak (gotta love cloaks) she looks like she'd slay a few hundred dragons..."

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