TTCombat Launch Dropfleet Dreadnoughts & Big 2-Up Battleship!

September 5, 2018 by brennon

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TTCombat has launched a new series of Dropfleet Commander Dreadnoughts. Each of these are mighty ships in their own right, able to take on a myriad of different foes with their various armaments. We're going to run through them faction by faction and show off the fluff that TTCombat discussed about them too...

Scourge Dreadnought - TTCombat

"Facing a single Scourge Dreadnought generally means death. These 2000 metre monstrosities prowl the void, hunting prey imperiously. They are one-ship fleets, the mightiest vessels that this hated enemy has to unleash. The Nosferatu class packs vast Oculus banks and terrifying close action weaponry.

The Cthulhu’s colossal triple furnace cannon can bisect a battleship. If that wasn’t terrifying enough, both carry swarms of strike craft and have potent stealth systems. By the time an opponent is able to finally plot a firing solution, it’s usually too late."

This Scourge Dreadnought can either be played as the Nosferatu designation or the Cthulu designation, each with their own tactical uses on the tabletop. This is also the LARGEST Dreadnought from the set so it's fitting that we showed it off first.

UCM Dreadnought - TTCombat

"At 1750 metres long and triple a Battleship’s displacement, Dreadnoughts are the most powerful warships ever produced by mankind. Their prodigious firepower allows a single one to engage and annihilate a small fleet unassisted.

Commanded by only the most decorated Admirals, each of these mighty vessels is a legend in its own right. The London class packs a staggering array of conventional mass drivers - fifty, to be exact. The rarer Washington class can unleash a swarm of bombers equivalent to an entire carrier taskforce."

This new UCM Dreadnought can be played as either the London or Washington Class Dreadnought and is one of the most detailed kits within the range. There are so many intricate details across the hull of the ship and it is absolutely bristling with guns.

Turning to the PHR we have this very sleek looking floating fortress...

PHR Dreadnought - TTCombat

"PHR Dreadnoughts are paradigms of technology. Nearly 2000 metres long, they’re built around a next-gen intermeshed power management system. Virtually all the ship’s gunnery, core systems and drives are integrated seamlessly into it. This allows unique and advanced weaponry.

The Romulus packs Energy Glaive broadsides and the dreaded Hypernova Laser. The Remus boasts the Apocalypse Cannon - one of the most potent bombardment weapons ever conceived. Any of these can be overcharged when fired alone, upping the devastation to biblical proportions."

Named after the founders of Ancient Rome, the Romulus & Remus Dreadnoughts are bringing some powerful firepower to the tabletop. Why would you not want to run a ship with a Hypernova Laser?

Finishing things off on the Dreadnought front we have the Shaltari Dreadnought.

Shaltari Dreadnought - TTCombat

"Over 1600 meters long, Dreadnoughts are the largest vessels utilised by the enigmatic Shaltari. Records are sketchy though, as they are incredibly rare and opponents seldom survive an encounter with one. This lethality comes from incredible firepower, shields and peerless scanners.

Their captains can wage entire campaigns personally with minimal support. The Plutonium class features a plethora of eldritch weapons, devastatingly flexible in combat. The Uranium is supremely aggressive, attracting the most warlike Starchiefs, desiring the honour and satisfaction of close range slaughter."

Either rocking out as the Plutonium or Uranium (whose 'ranium?) Class of Dreadnought this is the most intricate of the designs put forward by TTCombat for Dropfleet Commander.

Massive 2-Up!

As well as these big Dreadnoughts, the team at TTCombat has designed something special for this month. You can currently pick up the 2-Up (double the size) New York Class Battleship.

2up UCM Vancouver - TTCombat

This is an advanced modelling kit so it is not for the faint of heart and is recommended for hardcore hobbyists. It would be a perfect mantlepiece prop to hover over you as you play your games of Dropfleet Commander.

Exclusive Condor

As well as the goodies for Dropfleet Commander we also have a new limited edition release for Dropzone Commander. Here is the Titania Pattern Condor.

Titania Pattern Condor - TTCombat

"Recently, the Titania Aerospace Corporation has expanded aggressively, with designs on supplanting Ferrous Motor's pre-eminence, spearheaded by their Condor-AV program.
This brutal-looking variant manoeuvres similarly but has superior range, combat ceiling and avionics.

Field trials have proved encouraging, fuelling speculation that the AASC may order as many as 50,000, their largest single procurement since the start of the Reconquest."

This is an alternative pattern of the classic Condor with a bulkier design which brings it in line with the look of many of the other UCM ground units.

Will you be snapping up any of these goodies?

"Will you be snapping up any of these goodies?"

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