New Vehicles Are Flying & Rolling Into Hawk’s Dropzone Commander

April 9, 2016 by brennon

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Hawk Wargames have now released some of their new releases onto their webstore. All of these are part of their new Dual Blister release. See what you think of these new additions to the roster starting with the Seraphim Retaliator...

Seraphim Retaliator

This is a rather fantastic looking ship and certain adds some more firepower to the ranks of the UCM. It has the look of a Sci-Fi vehicle with the strange wingspan but also retains some of the old school with the rounded 'nose cone' and the almost Spitfire looking cockpit.

Alien Tech

Following on from that we have something rather dangerous - hiding around in the darkness and watching your every move. The Monitor Swarm is the kind of creature-come-machine that you could imagine watching you from the shadows.

Scourge Monitor

The strange alien look of this creature means that you can always go a bit crazy with the Scourge. I would like to make these Monitors look a little bit aged and worn out - maybe dripping with ichor.

Next up we also have the Shaltari Leopard which takes a more elegant take on alien technology.


This vehicle has been developed for support fire on the tabletop and has some neat anti-vehicle options when you combine their fire together. I think you need to fire that Dragon Cannon as many times as possible.

Last but not least for the alien races of Dropzone Commander we have the Angelos A2 Jetskimmer.


This comes with some dangerous flamethrowers which are used for torching enemies up close and making sure that the way ahead is secured for your own infantry.

Makeshift Technology

Coming back down to Earth we have a fantastic looking vehicle for the Resistance and probably my favourite of the bunch. See what you think of the Thunder Wagon.

Thunder Wagon

Yes. This is a truck that has had a massive rocket strapped to the back of it. It isn't smart and it isn't pretty but it really does the job. That's a Golgotha Missile strapped to the back there which means there are going to be some big holes in the enemy lines.

What do you think of this array of awesomeness?

"I would like to make these Monitors look a little bit aged and worn out - maybe dripping with ichor..."

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