Carry The Story With You With The Adventurer’s Kit Kickstarter

May 19, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

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Tabletop Artisans have created the perfect way to contain your imagination by crafting the ultimate tool for your role playing.

Adventurers Kit

The Adventurer's Kit is nicely funded on Kickstarter right now, with just days to spare, so there's still time to join the party (that's some adventuring humour).

TA adventurers kti ks image

There's just nothing better than having something beautiful to hold things that are important to you, and if it can look awesome and be functional - all the better. This is exactly the angle that Tabletop Artisans approached this project with.

TA kit colors

Avid role playing gamers, they understand the challenge of keeping all your adventuring gear together, without dropping or losing things and without damaging your favourite character sheets - you know, the ones you've been playing forever and have seen from their level one infancy through their epic level nineteen, or dare I say twenty!

What Is The Adventurer's Kit?

The Adventurer's Kit is not just another gaming accessory, it's THE accessory. This bad boy can hold your pens, pencils, dice, miniatures, character sheets, cards and books- yes, books! I know. Enough rambling, Dawn, you want to see The Adventurer's Kit...

red dragon

First of all, you can't help but notice how gorgeous this case is! They can be covered in your choice of numerous dragonhide - ok, vinyl. You believe what you want, and I'll believe what I want. We received the Red Dragon kit. Right out of the gate I was really impressed with the quality of the case.

The red dragonhide looks beautiful and perfectly wrapped the case and was bound with lovely, gold corner protectors and side latches. I was wondering how secure the handle was going to be, but the worry was gone as soon as I picked up the case.

The handle is detailed, brown leather- plenty durable to carry all your adventuring gear. The case has a real weighty look but was lighter than I thought it'd be.

Adventurers Kit-3

Of course, it was empty. I'm sure the addition of books and such will change that a bit, but it's nice to know that you're not already starting with something that weighs twenty pounds before you put anything in it.

What's Inside The Case?

Enough about the outside, let's take a look inside, shall we? Once you free the latches, the case comes apart into two pieces. The kits will come with three different thickness, pre-cut foam pieces so you have the perfect size filler to keep your contents in place, depending on how full you plan to keep your case.

Once the foam is removed, you will see that the lid of the case is felt-lined to double as a dice rolling tray which I thought was a really nice feature. Once you have the three pieces of foam out, you'll notice that the empty, dice rolling area is very spacious. That's no coincidence.

Adventurers Kit-5

That's space for rule books! Yes, you can literally put full-size rule books in there, so you don't have to settle for sharing with your buddies or have to try to decide which one to bring. Bring both!

And then we get into the bottom half of the case. Right off you'll notice a wooden board with the Tabletop Artisan logo etched on it (which looks mighty "adventury", might I add). This is meant to be used as a clipboard for your character sheet. It's got a softback on it to help protect your items underneath as well.

Adventurers Kit-6

I know what you're thinking. I said clipboard - there's no clip. That's true, but that's because the board is magically magnetic at the top and there's a magnet in the bottom of your kit to secure your character sheet.  Pretty cool, right?

Bells & Whistles

Now we get to all the fun little bells and whistles. The bottom has preset compartments laid out with space for all the important RPG accessories: pens and pencils, dice, cards and even miniatures. Let's talk about a few of those things a bit more.

One corner of the kit has cutouts to hold your favourite/lucky polyhedral dice because those should be treated with respect and easy to find. There's open space for more dice and even your cards.

Adventurers Kit-7

And not just any space for cards, on top of space to just store the cards, there's slats to separate and stand up spell cards and keep them sorted during gameplay, as well as little red ribbon bookmark, if you will, to help you be able to pick the cards up out of the space after storage.

There's a larger space in the middle that's meant for you to store your miniatures. There's a nice piece of faux-fur for the bottom and pull apart foam to keep your miniatures tucked safely away between your games, and there's even extra wood slats for you to partition the larger space if you'd like to make separate compartments.

Adventurers Kit-8

And last, but certainly not least, Tabletop Artisans added some nifty little extras in the kit. There's a pencil sharpener, so you don't have to panic when the tip breaks on your lucky pencil in the middle of a game, and the coolest little extra - an external battery to charge your cell phone!

If you're one that likes to reference a rule on your phone, you're covered. Need to order pizza? You're good. Now there's no reason to miss a call or a message from someone while you're playing D&D - well unless you want to - but at least you have the option.

There's also a handful of wooden brackets, intended for you to be able to stand up the clipboard for your character sheet, your phone, your tablet, a rule book or anything else you think you need to be able to see while gaming.

TA use

So in the end, Tabletop Artisans has crafted your ultimate gaming accessory, by allowing you to keep everything you need for your adventures neatly and safely tucked away in one of the nicest carrying cases I've seen.

The Kickstarter finishes up this weekend, but as I said, there's still time to join the party.

What do you think of this beautifully crafted Adventurer's Kit?

"The Adventurer's Kit is nicely funded on Kickstarter right now, with just days to spare, so there's still time to join the party (that's some adventuring humour)..."

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"...allowing you to keep everything you need for your adventures neatly and safely tucked away in one of the nicest carrying cases I've seen."

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