One Big Stretch Goal Target For DUST: Operation Babylon!

June 13, 2014 by brennon

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As to not be told that they didn't shoot high enough with the ambition the folks behind DUST: Operation Babylon on Kickstarter have put forth a new stretch goal target for the final week of Kickstarter at $425,000!

Axis Recon Squad

Axis Security Squad

Spetsnaz Anti-Tank Squad

SSU Heavy Tank

SSU Steel Guard Squad

So yeah, some pretty crazy options ahead for DUST when it hits that massive marker. Admittedly it is quite a way off at the moment but for all those extra goodies I could see some more people jumping into this one and indeed upping pledges to hopefully get a hold of them. You can see the Axis Recon Force from this stretch goal and that massive SSU Tank we looked at least time below...

Desert Recon

SSU Assault Gun

Can't really go to wrong with a massive gun and some expertly trained soldiers can you? Interestingly the last two options on that expanded stretch goal might not be as mysterious as they first appear. We've been given a look at them in an earlier stage of development below and it looks like you'll be getting an awesome Tesla Tank AND some alternative options for your SSU Steel Guard.

SSU Tesla Tank (Front)

SSU Tesla Tank (Top)

SSU Tesla Tank (Side)

SSU Steel Guards Alt Configuration #1

SSU Steel Guards Alt Configuration #2

So the idea of an awesome Tesla Tank does sound very appealing. Powering up that awesome surge of electricity and then melting something to a pulp. Add to that those awesome looking Steel Guard and you have some cool additions to the SSU on foot as well. Rocket Launchers, Tesla weaponry and what looks like a hammer of some kind!

Some very cool things coming out of Operation Babylon I'm sure you'll agree!

What do you think?

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