DUST: Operation Babylon Kickstarter Coming Next Week!

May 16, 2014 by brennon

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DUST Studios and Battlefront are coming together to bring you a massive new weird world war experience. Hitting Kickstarter next week will be a massive fundraiser to bring DUST: Operation Babylon to the tabletop...

DUST Operation Babylon Logo

Here's what the guys behind the project had to say...

"The year is 1947, and the war isn’t over.

Out of the mind of Paolo Parente comes the world of Dust, an alternate-history World War Two game setting in which three mighty superpowers clash for control of a mysterious alien power source: VK. The extraordinary properties of VK have brought forth revolutionary new technologies. Tanks have evolved into powerful combat walkers, rocket troops take to the skies, and the latest laser cannon, phasers, and Tesla weapons rule the battlefield.

Dust Tactics brings this richly imagined world to your gaming table with a choice of two ways to play: you can play Dust Tactics on gridded game boards, or Dust Tactics Battlefield on a gaming table with three-dimensional terrain. Both games use the same rules and unit cards, allowing you to play whichever way you want.

Starting next week, the latest release for Dust Tactics will be Dust Studio’s first Kickstarter project: Operation Babylon.

Operation Babylon will bring the war to the deserts of the Middle East, introducing the Dust equivalents of real historical forces like the Afrikakorps, Spetsnaz and United States Marine Corps, all combined with the excitement of classic action-adventure fiction.

Dust Studio are working with Battlefront to bring this project to completion. Battlefront will handle the fulfillment of the pledges, shipping the rewards to backers through their worldwide distribution network.

The detailed plastic miniatures produced by Dust Studio are pre-assembled and ready to play straight out of the box. Because of the complex and expensive tooling processes involved, previous releases have always been brought out in stages, with each batch of models funding the production of the next.

Crowd-funding this project through Kickstarter will allow Dust Studio to accelerate the production of all the new Operation Babylon models, and get them out into the world sooner, and with a greater variety of options.

If you haven’t explored the world of Dust yet, there has never been a better time to start!"

Axis Vs Allies

Allied Large Army

Allied Landing

This all sounds very, very cool indeed and it's probably going to be one of the massive Kickstarter hits of the summer, if not the year, if the popularity of DUST is anything to go by in the past.

The big draw of course with a game like DUST is that everything comes essentially done for you and it takes no time at all to get your figures out and onto the table to get gaming. Twin that with an excellent rules set and very dynamic models and you have something perfect for a first time wargamer and of course veterans.


So look out for a lot more information on this as it gets towards a start date next week. I think we here at Beasts of War don't need to curb our enthusiasm for a project as big as this and most of you are pretty hyped about it already.

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Are you going to get yourself ready and raring for another plunge into the weird world war of DUST?

Comment below!

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