Grab Quick Start Force Lists For Dystopian Wars – Get Playing Quickly!

November 4, 2022 by warzan

We hope you're enjoying Dystopian Wars Week! All throughout this week, we have been exploring a deeply tactical naval combat game enriched with all kinds of Victorian Super Science!


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Over the course of this week, we will be releasing a series of Quick Start Force Lists for each of the eight factions that you can download to give you an easy and step-by-step way to quickly get your games of Dystopian Wars.

Get Your Dystopian Wars Quick Start Force Lists

The first four lists are based around each of the two-player starter sets, so could be a great way for you and a friend to get started.

Sturginium Skies

For the Sturginium Skies set, we have the CROWN and IMPERIUM lists...


Download The Crown Quick Start Force List


Download The Imperium Quick Start Force List

Hunt For The Prometheus

For the Hunt For The Prometheus set, we have created COMMONWEALTH and ENLIGHTENED lists...


Download The Commonwealth Quick Start Force List


Download The Enlightened Quick Start Force List

Stay tuned over the coming days for starter Force Lists for the EMPIRE, ALLIANCE, SULTANATE and UNION! I gotta say, I'm loving the Empire fleet in particular with its historically accurate dragons!!! (Editor: Yes Warren, historically accurate...)


Download The Empire Quick Start Force List


Download The Alliance Quick Start Force List


Download The Sultanate Quick Start Force List


Download The Union Quick Start Force List

Each of the lists comes in around 1200 points and gets you right into the thick of things. A game of Dystopian Wars can range in size anywhere from 600 Points to well over 3000 Points depending on the size of battle you want to play. Huge battles are the way to go though!

Why Did You Create These Force Lists?

When the team and I create these kinds of themed weeks for games we are always trying to get a clear feel for the game and work out how best to serve up content and information that helps you folks at home get stuck in quickly.

Dystopian Wars is now very well fleshed out with eight factions, loads of ships and a set of rules that the developers and community are actively fine-tuning together. In fact, I highly recommend you join their Discord Channel as there are loads of first-class folk in there discussing the game and helping with questions!

Sturginium Lounge Dystopian Wars Facebook Group

With a deep set of rules and a range of options when it comes to building various fleets, there are always hurdles as to where you start. You can, of course, get stuck into the rulebook and the various Orders Of Battle (ORBATS are the Dystopian Wars version of Force Lists) and with those, you can get to grips with the huge selection of Fleet Compositions and Vessel Loadouts. However, in the fast-moving world of an OnTableTop Themed Week, we wanted to give you an initial starting point or two to jump in on so you can get playing and learn as you go.

We'd love your feedback on the guides and are certainly up for developing them further with you. This should hopefully act as a great jumping-off point for those checking out this themed week in the future!

Download the Quick Start Force Lists and get playing!

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