Dystopian Wars’ Union Faction Get Their New Battlefleet Set

July 2, 2021 by fcostin

Dystopian Wars from Warcradle Studios releases are coming out thick and fast, with new factions, reinforcements and new Battlefleets joining the rough seas on a monthly basis. This month, The Union are joining the fray, with The Constitution Battlefleet setting sail at full speed with American glory in place.

Constitution Battlefleet Set // Warcradle Studios

July sees the release of The Constitution Battlefleet Set, in the Union's upsurge in evolution to their technology. Ready to be placed head-to-head against their age-old nemesis, The Crown who are yet to enter the arena. As the Americans prepare their armoury for both land and sea.

Constitution Battlefleet Set // Warcradle Studios

As the Americans developed their technology, they began to breach forward past their borders and began to construct a fleet of ships to defend their own shores and support their defined positions across the world.

Constitution Class Battleship // Constitution Battlefleet Set

Heading up the first battleship for The Union, is the Constitution Class Battleship:

"The Constitution Class Battleship is now the mainstay of the Union Fleet, the first twelve of these impressive vessels built in the closing years of the Ore War. Their main purpose was traversing the many wide rivers of the nation and rain fire on Confederate defences, or to assist in troop movement, their powerful paddlewheels are equally suited to the open seas. Now they, and many more like them, ensure that the Federated States can achieve their manifest destiny."

Yorktown Class Cruiser // Constitution Battlefleet Set

Intrepid Class Cruiser // Constitution Battlefleet Set

Reliant Class Cruiser // Constitution Battlefleet Set

Lexington Class Cruiser // Constitution Battlefleet Set

Along with the main Battleship, the Frontline Squadrons take a support role in preparation to take first-hand defence against enemy fleets. The Yorktown, Intrepid, Reliant and Lexington Class Cruisers incorporate powerful paddle wheels, ensuring these Cruisers are able to endure an onslaught from enemy fire.

Farragut Class Frigate // Constitution Battlefleet Set

A habitual addition to any Union fleet, is the Farragut Frigates - fast and agile. These rapid vessels have the ability to approach enemy squadrons with tactics in mind, and can be lethal in larger numbers to take down enemy Battleships.

Other releases this month coming from Warcradle Studios are the Descartes Battlefleet Set and the Imperium Support Squadrons, providing a battlefleet for the Enlightened, featured in the Hunt for the Prometheus Two-Player Starter Set, and reinforcements for the Imperium faction.

These new releases are now available to pre-order from Wayland Games and a vast majority of FLGS stores, ready to see thier release at the end of July 2021.

Are you excited about the Americans joining the battle with the Union making its' way onto the sea? 

"The Union are ready to be placed head-to-head against their age-old nemesis, The Crown who are yet to enter the arena..."

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