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Essen SPIEL ’18 Live Blog – Friday

Essen SPIEL ’18 Live Blog – Friday

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Welcome back to Day Two of the awesomeness that is Essen SPIEL '18. We have plenty more prizes and goodies for you to snap up today AND of course plenty of videos of new and awesome games too.

Find Out More About Essen

Check Out Day One & Win Prizes

Decrypto - Aliens: Hadley's Hope - Witless Wizards - Gizmos - Dragon's Breath - Escape Tales: The Awakening - WWX Forlorn Hope Posse - 8BitBox - The Walking Dead: Here's Negan - Magnificent Flying Machines - PlastCraft Crashed Plane Terrain

Check Out Day Two & Win Prizes

Vault Of Dragons + 2x D&D Paint Sets (Heroes & Monsters) - Aristeia Walls Terrain Set - Lincoln - Don't Get Got - Holding On: The Troubled Life Of Billy Kerr - Dicium - Mountains - Fog Of Love (Choice Of Cover) - Swordcrafters - Silk - V-Commandos - 3x Tainted Grail Artbooks + Exclusive Coin - Pyramid Of Pengqueen

Check Out Day Three & Win Prizes

Talisman: Legendary Tales - Venus Next (Terraforming Mars Expansion) - Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles - Tsukuyumi - War Chest & Scorpius Freighters - FAITH RPG Core Book - Dungeon Terrain Set - Magnate Resin Buildings - Lightseekers Playmat, Deck Box & Folio (Of Your Choice)

Check Out Day Four & Win Prizes

Age Of Sigmar Champions Playmat & Deck Box (Of Your Choice) - 2x KeyForge Decks - Mistfall: Chronicles Of Frost & All That Burns - Contract - Doomseekers - Dinosaur Island - Blood Red Skies Core Box Organiser - 4x4 Gaslands Mat - Trapwords - 10x Harry Potter Ford Anglia Puzzles - Village Attacks - Dark Souls The Card Game - Hero Realms - Goblout

Make sure to comment on all of the Live Blog posts today and see if you could be in with a chance to win goodies for yourself.

Also, tell us what you'd like to see tabletop-wise here at the event!

Blogging At This Event:

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Are You Not Entertained?! Checking Out Gorus Maximus


We stopped in with the folks behind Gorus Maximus to learn about this great game of gladiatorial combat.

Inside Up Games has been working through a Kickstarter for this game and now things have been developing into a pre-order system too.

Come and find out more about this game and maybe add this into the mix. We do love a bit of trick-taking in our games!

ludicryan Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

PSC Games Take Us Back In Time with Their Historical Board Games - WIN Lincoln!


PSC Games have a lot of historically focused board games with them at Essen Spiel ’18 and have even more on their way.

Comment To Win A Copy Of Lincoln

We are big fans of their deck destruction game Lincoln, as well as Quartermaster General: The Cold War. However, it’s the two new games on their way that have us really excited.

Battle Ravens brings us into the bloody shield walls of Viking combat, while Blitzkrieg lets us experience the conflicts of WWII in a new way. Both of these games are coming to Kickstarter soon.

Which game are you most excited to see?

ludicryan Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Pick Up A Party Game From Big Potato Games + WIN Don't Get Got!


Big Potato Games are kings and queens of the party game. They have designed a lot of fantastic games which work as a great gateway for those who would normally never consider looking at a board game.

Win A Copy Of Don’t Get Got!

We stopped in with them to talk about some of the new games they have at their disposal and what they think might be a great shout for those of you who might have non-gamer friends.

ludicryan Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Holding On & Getting The Lowdown From Hub Games - WIN Holding On!


Ryan stops off with Hub Games to talk to them about how things are going with them and Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr.

Win A Copy Of Holding On

You can actually see a Let’s Play of this game that we did with them HERE and get a feel for how it plays on the tabletop but it is safe to say that it is quite the hit in the feels as you get stuck into it.

ludicryan Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Paradox Interactive Take Their PC Games To The Tabletop


Paradox Interactive work on some amazing PC games and they are now working with a selection of different companies to make them into tabletop games.

You’d be surprised how many folks create their PC games based on initial concepts which existed in cardboard and plastic form.

This means that we’re going to be seeing the likes of City Skylines, Europa Universalis and more coming to the tabletop and Ryan has got the lowdown.

ludicryan Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Understanding Relationships In Fog Of Love + WIN The Game!


Fog Of Love is a firm favourite of many folks right now in the board gaming world. The team behind the game have recently released a bunch of different expansions for it AND some alternative covers to show off that love truly is for everyone.

Win A Copy Of Fog Of Love (With Whichever Cover You Wish!)

We take some time to learn more about this fascinating game which helps you chart a relationship between two people including the ups, the downs, and all of the funny bits in-between.

Would you like to see us play this on a livestream?

ludicryan Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Saying Goodbye From Friday At Essen SPIEL '18


We are here to say goodbye from Friday here at Essen SPIEL ’18 and it has been quite the awesome day. We’ve had some ace interviews, talked about some great games…and we’re only halfway through. There is still a massive Saturday and Sunday worth of awesomeness to get stuck into.

As I mentioned to Ryan, make sure to delve in and find out what prizes are available for you to snag AND we would love to hear more about what YOU want to see here at the event.

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PLEASE!!! PLEASE! Check out the Shadowfist stand for me!!!!! 2D-148

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The stuff from Micro Art Studio looks very impressive… And yes, cant wait for buying the new Tanks: Modern Age 💪🏻💪🏻

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Waiting for the team to find Colin from Battle Systems and out the latest news regarding Core Space!!!

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Great to see the guys today. Great coverage!

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the displays look fantastic.


Great Coverage. Keep up the good work!
World like to see Everrain from grimlord games and more from mythic (Solomon kane)


cheers folks


Don’t forget to eat at ‘Essen’ 😛


Green Whiskey and Fudge? I’ll have a double!

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