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If you are lucky enough to win a prize during one of our shows or by winning one of our competitions, then first of all congratulations!

However, in order to claim your prize you need to do the following.

  • Create a Beasts of War account
    Creating an account is free and it allows us to easily find and confirm your email address in case of any problems.
    Creating an account is free and we will not pass on any of the details provided to any external bodies.
    If you won a prize through Twitter or another social network, we strongly urge you to use the same name when creating your account in order to prevent any confusion when trying to claim a prize.
  • Send an Email to Claim your Prize
    You need to complete the form below
    This is very important as it will filter your claim to the correct inbox.
    Claims for prizes that do not follow this step may be discounted.
  • Include your Delivery Details
    Your submission MUST include your Beasts of War Account Name and the account name of the social network under which you won the prize (if it is different), the name of the competition (or the prize you won) and your delivery address.
    Claims for prizes that do not include these details will be discounted.
    If there is a discrepancy in your account names, we may have to contact you through the social network you won the prize through to confirm your win.
    This is to avoid fraudulent claims for prizes… it's not nice or sporting… but it does happen.

If You Don't Receive Your Prize...

The vast majority of prizes are sent directly from the manufacturer to your supplied address. If you havent recieved your prize after a reasonable amount of time, please submit the form above again in full and state in it that the prize hasn't arrived.

We are a pretty small team so we check prize claims about once a week, to please bear with us if you don't hear back from us straight away!



  • All Prizes must be Claimed Promptly
    To avoid holding up delivery of prizes to other prize winner, prizes not claimed within 30 days will default. The defaulted competitions may be redrawn, but only at the discretion of the prize sponsor.
  • Sponsored Prizes are Posted by the Prize Sponsor
    Prizes not sponsored by Beasts of War Ltd are delivered by the sponsor and their issue and receipt is not the responsibility of Beasts of War Ltd.
    If you believe your prize may have been misplaced, then you can contact us using the form above and we will attempt to resolve the situation with the sponsor.
  • Fraudulent Prize Claims
    In the event that we identify a fraudulent prize claim, that member will have their account terminated without notice. If you believe your account has been wrongfully terminated then you can contact us at [email protected] and make your case.
  • Random Selection
    In the event that competition requires the submission of a specific set of information. Should the judges be unable to decide upon a winner or in the event that a minimum quorum of judges (3) cannot be assembled within an acceptable time frame, winners will be decided by a random draw. Beasts of War reserve the right to select winners using a random method, in all instances, to ensure fairness.

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