Fantasy Flight Calls for Rotation in Their LCG’s

November 7, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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If you are a fan of Fantasy Flight's Living Card Games, then you will want to listen to this news. Fantasy Flight Games has recognized that with the popularity of their hugely successful Living Card Games, has come a handful of problems:

  • An overwhelming card pool intimidates and turns away players who may otherwise be interested in the game.
  • As a game's card pool grows unchecked, its metagame begins to stagnate, and the game falls apart under its own weight.
  • Players aren’t the only people who are impacted by large card pools, and as retailers need to carry more and more products in order to support a game, it becomes harder for them to do so.

In order to be sensitive to these concerns, Fantasy Flight has decided their solution to these issues will be introducing the concept of Rotation. Rotation is a term used to describe the systematic retirement of older cards from an LCG’s card pool as newer cards are added and FFG’s rotation policy is based on the number of monthly expansion pack cycles available at any given time. If you are a Magic player, then the concept of rotation is a familiar one as they promote various "blocks" of cards through rotations.

The new rotation policy for FFG dictates that the standard card pool, for use in all Organized Play tournaments, will consist of a game’s Core Set, its deluxe expansions, and its latest five to seven cycles of monthly packs.

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The LCG's impacted by this decision include the following:

FF LCG_fan

You may notice that The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, is not included in FFG's new rotation policy. They decided it wasn't indicated in case of that game since it is in fact a cooperative card game.

What do you think of this bold move by Fantasy Flight Games?

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