Fantasy Flight Games taking you to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

August 2, 2011 by brennon

A massive announcement from Fantasy Flight Games today has seen them releasing information on a new line of games in the Star Wars universe.

This could possibly span a whole range of different genres from board games to roleplaying games but for now we have two nuggets of information on a Living Card Game and a Ship-to-Ship Combat game based in the galaxy Far, Far Away!

The first of the two games is the miniature game X-Wing. Pitting rebel X-Wings against imperial TIE Fighters you will play through a whole host of scenarios trying to win the upper hand. A huge bonus is that its also going to come with some amazingly painted miniatures!

The second is Star Wars: The Card Game. The Lord of the Rings game that arrived this year was massively successful and so Fantasy Flight Games have taken that format and woven it into the Star Wars setting.

Being a solo or co-op adventure players take on the role of the rebel alliance trying to foil any imperial plans that might come their way and ultimately preserve the history of the Star Wars universe.

Both games are heralded to be expandable with X-Wing allowing for more ships from different time periods in future releases and Star Wars: The Card Game expanding through their well known add-on packs (Known in this case as Force Packs).

It all sounds pretty awesome and with the promise of more to come in terms of other genres we could see a whole host of great Star Wars games coming out of Fantasy Flight.

So what do you guys think of this development? Will you buy these games and what would you like to see them do for future projects?

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