FFG Dive Into The Details For Star Wars: Legion Tauntaun Riders

July 9, 2019 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games dived into more detail about the upcoming Tauntaun Riders expansion coming to Star Wars: Legion.

Tauntaun Riders #1 - FFG

This updated peek at the unit allowed us to get a better look at the unit card for them in game. They seem like they would be a fantastic and fast addition to a Rebel force on Hoth, charging forward and keeping the enemy pinned down with blaster fire and the rending claws of the Tauntauns!

Tauntaun Unit Card - FFG

The Tauntauns themselves are very agile and can clamber over difficult terrain with ease. This makes them great at getting around the back of the enemy force and them chambering up onto what they thought was a protected objective.

Weapon-wise the DL-44 Blaster Pistol is a crack shot but the two black dice and one white dice from the Horns & Hind Claws attack is also worth considering!

Tauntaun Riders #2 - FFG

Again, this is a release which is very much tied to the Battle Of Hoth and a particular subset of Rebel trooper. Whilst I'm sure that these riders are going to find their uses in armies which are taking to the battlefield in other climates, it is very much an expansion for those wanting to create a proper Hoth army.

I would like to see what people do with them when they do take them away from the snow and ice. Maybe you could paint these Tauntaun with shaggy brown coats or sandy ones for different environments?

What do you make of the Tauntaun Riders?

"Maybe you could paint these Tauntaun with shaggy brown coats or sandy ones for different environments?"

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