FFG Preview The Stark Expansion For A Game of Thrones LCG

February 21, 2016 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games continue to wet my whistle when it comes to what's on the horizon for my beloved Starks in A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. Wolves of the North is the first deluxe expansion which adds more cards to the Stark line-up primarily allowing them to be that bit more competitive...

Wolves of the Noprth

It wouldn't be a preview without any cards however and the first character under the looking glass is going to be Arya Stark. Here you see her new version which shuns the use of Stealth in favour of a targeted kill ability.


She works perfectly however with the other card that comes in the set which is Needle. This will help to protect her and also make her a dangerous adversary in Intrigue and Power challenges. If you combine that with Syrio Forel's training from the second Chapter Pack (gifting Stealth and a Military icon) she becomes triple threat.


Another of the characters from the main Stark family that will be an interesting twist on things is the addition of Jon Snow. Here we have him away from the wall with a Military icon.

Jon Snow

Catelyn Stark

While his abilities seems somewhat dangerous it not only keys into the use of Robb Stark from the core set (everyone stands when a Stark character dies) but also helps to boost the new Catelyn Stark card which is also in the set. Basically she gains power and strength as more Starks die.

Will you be passing up the original version of Catelyn however who right now is so important in stopping horrible events and other cards from being used?

Jory Cassel

Jory Cassel continues to feed into this idea of Starks dying to support the growth of others. Instead of your unique characters dying Jory can fall in their stead and gift power in doing so. In addition this means of course that Catelyn continues to gain power as you save others in the process.

The Pack Survives

Last but not least we have the Pack Survives which continues to feed into the way the Starks work using their Direwolves and sacrificial characters. This is a neat effect costing zero to play and could help stop a terrible event from befalling your characters and boosts others in the process.

Phew, basically the Starks are becoming the masochist deck in A Game of Thrones. So many of them are GOING to die so why not use that to their advantage?

It will be very interesting seeing what kind of Stark decks come out of this new expansion...

"...basically the Starks are becoming the masochist deck in A Game of Thrones. So many of them are GOING to die so why not use that to their advantage?"

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