Get Set For X-Wing Today At The Star Wars World Championship

May 7, 2017 by redben

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After five days of gaming, featuring over a thousand gamers competing for five world titles, the crown jewel of Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars games, X-Wing, will bring the event home.


The stream is due to go live at 13.00 CDT (19.00 BST) and take us through to the crowning of a new champion at 21.00 CDT (03.00 BST).

In case there are people out there who might not know, X-Wing is a dog-fighting game of space combat. Players select a one hundred point fleet from either the Rebels, Imperial, or Scum & Villainy factions, and the winner is the first to wipe out their opponent, or to have destroyed the most points-worth of ships when time expires.


The gameplay is simple. At the start of a round, players secretly select a manoeuvre for each of their ships by using a dial. The ships then move and take an action in reverse initiative order, and then fire their weapons in initiative order.


Last time out, Nand Torfs took the trophy home to Belgium with his Dengar Scum & Villainy list. As this year is the first that FFG are providing travel expenses to the world champions to come back next year and defend their titles, the X-Wing community raised over a $1000 in a day to send Nand back to defend his title this year.


All entrants will take away an alternate art Rey pilot card, those who make it past the first day of Swiss will get a set of unique target lock tokens, and the top thirty two get a set of unique marble dice.


The top sixteen finishers in the Swiss will go on into the cut, and get the obligatory medal, the top eight take home a set of Worlds 2017 maneuver templates, an uncut sheet of Rey alt arts go to the top four, and the winner gets a unique Hoth playmat, a trophy, an expenses paid trip to defend their title in 2018, and the chance to permanently impact the game by designing their own card.

See you on the live stream!


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