The Amazons are Coming Soon for Freebooters Fate

May 2, 2011 by beerogre

The brand new Amazons will soon be available for all you lovers of Freebooters Fate!

Here's what the guys at Freebooter have to say about them:

Dear friends and fellow freebooters

The Amazons are at the doors. They will be available for the first time at RPC in Cologne. As an exclusive pre-release. Only at the con, only as a starter set, only at our stand and only in limited numbers. So hot off the sculpting table that their character cards for Freebooter’s Fate aren’t even final yet.

And that’s where you come in. Not only can you be on of the first people worldwide to take these gorgeous miniatures home with you. No, you can even get famous for doing so. Well, at least a tiny little bit.

Anybody who sends us feedback about how the new crew plays on the tabletop by no later than 30 June 2011 can see his or her name printed in the new Freebooter’s Fate book.
Those who can’t make it to RPC don’t have to miss out on the chance of be
coming a beta tester. As soon as we’ve recovered from the con stress, we’ll put the pre-release character cards on the Internet for a short time. So keep your eyes peeled for the announcement on our website.

Go on then. Join in. See your name in print. So you can say you were there when the Amazons came.

If you're interested in their offer, don't forget to check out the Terms & Conditions on the Freebooter website.

However... just in case you missed them... here's a little treat!

Some pictures of a couple of upcoming greens.

I hope you like them...

BoW Andy

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