Black Cat Bases Experience Computer Issues

November 18, 2012 by dracs

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I stopped by Black Cat Bases today and spotted a release this month which, while not the greatest sculpt, is nonetheless a rather cool concept. A possessed PC.

Black Cat Bases - Possessed Computer

And I thought I had trouble with my computer!

Of course this isn't the only miniature that Black Cat are releasing this month. Check out some of these sculpts.

Black Cat Bases - Floating Girl

Black Cat Bases - Royal Navy Captain

Black Cat Bases - Floating Alien

Now while Black Cat doesn't do the greatest miniatures they do have a really extensive range meaning you can find something for almost any situation you can imagine. They are also really cheap in comparison with a lot of miniatures available from elsewhere. While we usually try to avoid mentioning prices almost all of the minis shown here are about £2.50!

So guys, see anything you like here?

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