Cannon Crew and Questing Dwarves from Lead Adventure

February 22, 2012 by brennon

Added some extra Dwarf Model shots at the bottom!

I think that Lead Adventure might have just become one of my favourite miniature companies out there. Check out their previews of the latest Cannon Crew models and a new range of Adventuring Dwarves for your gaming needs...

Cannon Crew #1

Cannon Crew #2

Cannon Crew #3

Great looking Imperial soldiers ready to fire their cannons. The models have plenty of character and great detail so far. I love the fact that the last crew member unfortunate enough to be lighting the fuse has had not only his hand blown off but his leg too. So no proceeds to use a very long lighting match! But now it's time for Dwarves!

Dwarf Adventurers

Dwarves Dragon Treasure

Dwarves in the Forgotten Library

Dwarves Raiders of the Dragon's Egg

The guys at Lead Adventure seem to have captured the spirit of the Dwarves supremely in these miniatures and I can't wait for them to be out there in the model-verse for me to pick up. Should only be a week till they are out! So hard to pick a favourite!

Now with MORE Dwarves!

Gate Crushers

Mountain Guard

Do you like Dwarves as much as me?

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