More Comfy Chair Concepts for Dominion of Gods

September 4, 2012 by brennon

Comfy Chairs Games posted a couple more pieces of concept art work for their newest models in Dominion of Gods. We have already seen Athena and Thor but both the Norse and the Greeks will be getting some reinforcements...

Comfy Chair Games - Achilles

Comfy Chair Games - Brynhild

Joining the battle are both Achilles, legendary hero of the Trojan War and Brynhild, the most beautiful and famous member of the Valkyries. I quite liked what we've seen so far in terms of models and if they managed to transfer over the energy in Achilles' pose then I can see it being a popular miniature.

I'm certainly more interested in checking out what they do with Brynhild. With her notoriety and power I hope they go for a more victorious stance.

Are you looking forwards to seeing these painted up and on the battlefield of the Gods?

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