Cú Chulainn, Hero of the Ulster Cycles from Eureka Miniatures

October 17, 2011 by beerogre

It's official... the hero of the Ulster Cycles (our very own homegrown mythology)... Cú Chulainn has finally been rendered into metal!

Eureka Miniatures has secured the services of Imbrian Arts, to create an image of our very own superheroic demi-god to use on our gaming tables.

I want one for a D&D barbarian, Darrell wants one to use as a Lone Wolf in his Space Wolf army, but really you should get is because it's beautiful and because Cú Chulainn could beat Hercules, Ulyssess, Achilles and all those other bed-wetting Mediterranean heroes before breakfast and still make it back to drink all the beer and score with their girlfriends!

He is that awesome!

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