Dark Sword Miniatures Have Some Foxy Releases This December

December 10, 2013 by dracs

Dark Sword Miniatures have got a couple of new fantasy figures coming out this December, including a selection of anthropomorphised animal heroes ranging from sly fox wizards to a cowardly cat.

Fox Mage

Brave Ser Robin

Fox knight

It's not just the animal world which is in need of stalwart defenders. Dark Sword have also released two elves, accompanied by a human female mage, ready to face off against the threats of the more regular humanoid world.

Elven Rogue

Female Mage

Elven Warlock

Each of these sculpts is a brilliant portrayal of a fantasy character type, combining an element of graceful motion with beautiful sculpts which don't go to tasteless extremes.

However, there is one miniature which I think stands high above them all: The Hamster Thief.

Hamster Thief

In the past both BoW Ben and I have stated how we were big fans of the Redwall books when growing up, so please excuse me while I take a minute to geek out. Hey Ben look! It's Gonf the Mouse Thief! I know they say he's a hamster, but that is Gonf right there.

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