Dark Mariners Emerge From Deep Wars’ Inky Depths

March 1, 2012 by dracs

Antimatter have put up some artwork for the latest faction to emerge from the murky depths of ShadowSea. The Dark Mariners!

ShadowSea - Cephalid Stealth Biomech

ShadowSea - Annihialtor Biomech

ShadowSea - Vanguard Mariner

ShadowSea - Cephalid Scientist

"The Dark Mariners are descendents from the original kingdoms of the Ancients of Atalán, but have become corrupted and degraded by generations of genetic experimentation with foul creatures of the deep."

These gribbly guys promise to be a very interesting force to play and I cannot wait to see the miniatures.

Are you interested in this game? Think you might field this faction?

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