Dreadfleet Launches God Bless all who sail in her!

September 16, 2011 by brennon

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So the wait is over, and GW have Just announced DREADFLEET a... wait for it... pirate game?!?! Ok to be fair its not really such a surprise but sometimes it's nice to just fein surprise especially at 12:45am.

Heres what they have to say:

Dreadfleet is a boxed game for two (or more) players that includes everything you need to make war on the turbulent seas of the Warhammer world. At your command are two fleets of ships - the Dreadfleet led by the Vampire Count Noctilus, aboard his gargantuan sea-hulk the Bloody Reaver; and the Grand Alliance commanded by the Pirate Captain Jaego Roth, who recently stole the Heldenhammer - the pride of the Imperial Fleet, and one of the largest galleons to ever sail the high seas.

OK... So what does it look like...

So while i try to get my head around the BIG question of ... WHY?

You guys can throw some comments below on your thoughts, and whether you think it's gonna be a fun game, which is all that really matters at the end of the day.


A company that's lost its way... or one whose heart is still in the right place?

Your faced with Warhammer Fantasy struggling the root cause of which could be any number of things - Lord of the Rings hurt it, The armies are so big it's just too expensive to start up, it's rules are awkward and antiquated, perhaps fantasy is just not in vogue - its probably a combination of a lot of factors.

Would you release a boxed game that's under the 'Fantasy Banner' that's got unrelated rules, unrelated models at a completely different scale, and set its distribution to be limited edition - so if it did become popular it wouldn't be available mmmmm

If it were me, I would have released Warhammer Quest and printed stat cards for every major beastie in the Warhammer range, and encouraged people to buy whatever models they liked knowing full well they don't need to collect the army because they can meet said beastie down a dungeon on a friday night.

Same scale, same models great stories and fun with mates = EPIC WIN!

But it's not up to me...

But perhaps this has nothing to do with fantasy, perhaps this is the design studio saying , 'let's do this... because we can!' and to be fair, you can't complain or fault that.

Maybe they just wanted to create somthing fun, and have it limited so people would value the product and not treat it like a commodity.

This is highly unlikely to set the Fantasy brand on fire, but if its fun some lucky gamers are going to enjoy this box of piratey goodness for years to come, while others will wish they had the opportunity.

If it was to help fantasy well that's most likely a FAIL

If the talented buggers in the design studio did this because they just bloody could... well that's gonna chalk up as an EPIC WIN in my book!

But then I always had a soft spot for pirates and erm... Megadeth 😉

Do you want a second opinion?

Then check out the blog of our pal @quirkworthy alias the mighty Jake Thornton!

He's posted his thoughts on Dreadfleet.

Take me to the Quirkworthy Blog!

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