Fenris Games Are in Need of a Plague Doctor

October 15, 2013 by dracs

There are few images throughout history more horrifying or imposing as the bird-skull shaped masks of the plague doctors and all that they represent. So I am really excited to see these as the basis for Fenris' new Plague Cultists.

Plague Cultists

Plague Cultist

These cloaked and beaked indiciduals should be getting a release later in the year and I would be tempted to pick them up myself. These would allow me to make a characterful Mordheim band of Possessed, dedicated to Nurgle. I could even drop one into a Witch hunters warband as a priest of Mor. Then of course they obviously make nice arcane additions to Carnevale's Doctors of the Ospedale, but I think their monk style robes wouldn't really fit the setting.

What uses can you think of for Fenris' Plague Cultists?

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