Fenris Release a New Bear / Ape / Pumpkin / Thing?

June 13, 2012 by dracs

Fenris Games have put up a preview on their Facebook of a strange new creature, the Kara'safra for Wyrdworld.

Fenris Games - Kara'safra

Here's the description Fenris have given of this creature.

a giant bear-ape that's evolved a furless skull to better allow the eating of carrion and flesh. The pale skin of the head, usually streaked with gore, leads folklore to call the beast a pumpkinhead....

I'm impressed to think that Fenris have considered the how this creature would have evolved in terms of its diet when deciding on the things appearance and I could definitely imagine it appearing in many dungeons.

Also check out this lovely lady who will be making an appearance for the Frothers 2012 charity.

Fenris Games - Frothers Charity Sasha

This figure, named Sasha, is the first master casting of the miniature, with a limited edition base still to be sculpted.

Do you like these two minis? Will you go after beauty or the beast?

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