Winter is Coming in… The Game of Thrones RPG on Xbox 360

January 10, 2012 by dracs

Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studios, the companies behind the Blood Bowl game and the upcoming Confrontation game, have announced that they are currently working on a Game of Thrones RPG for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Prepare yourself for Winter is Coming!

Based around the hugely popular Song of Ice and Fire, players will take on two distinct and parallel roles, matching with George R. R. Martin's method of weaving the stories of various characters together.

Along the 30 hours of gameplay offered by Game of Thrones play as Mors, sworn brother of the Night Watch,

and Alester, a Red Priest in search of redemption who is back to Westeros after a long exile.

While fans of other RPGs might be disappointed at the idea of being confined to two set characters there is still going to be a degree of customisation.

In Game of Thrones, you will choose the class of your characters, find your fighting style, reach a good balance between your strengths and weaknesses, and get ready for epic battles!

There is also good news for fans of the stories as the game will follow a completely new plot, written under the supervision of George R. R. Martin.

The Hand of King Robert Baratheon has passed away, and these two charismatic characters will find themselves dragged in a grand quest through such locations as the Wall and King's Landing, and meet famous faces: Queen Cersei, Varys the Spider or Jeor Mormont, faithfully reproduced from the TV series.

We should be seeing this game early this year and I don't know about you, but I am definitely looking forward to it.

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