Two Great New Models Are On The Horizon For Norsgard

February 2, 2013 by brennon

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I have a bit of a soft spot for Norsgard. The models have looked especially good of late and its shaping up to be a rather cool looking game. So, when I saw these two new models below they had to get a mention...

Unknown Warrior Woman

Varkof WIP

Above you have an as yet unknown Warrior Woman (most likely the next target of a naming contest!) and also Varkof with a fairly sizeable hammer that looks like it crush even the best armour. While I do like a good hammer the Warrior Woman is looking particularly awesome and would be a great role-playing figure.

Varkof Gaming Card

Unknown Warrior Woman Gaming Card

The artwork too continues to be stunning for this game. At the moment it has an interesting blend of anime and general fantasy and while it could be jarring it seems to pull it off quite well. Maybe the statistics on the Warrior Womans card could help you think of a name for her?

Leave some suggestions below!

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