Hasslefree Dream of Lost Lenore in their Latest Releases

January 20, 2014 by dracs

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Two new resin masters are now available from Hasslefree Miniatures, among them the beautiful enchantress of Evermore, the fabled lady Lenore.


This is an excellent sculpt; sexy without taking it into the realms of bad taste, while the detail of the cloth gives it a real feeling of life. If this is what Lenore looked like no wonder Edgar Allan Poe wrote about her so much.

The Lady of Evermore's resin master does not go unaccompanied though, as Hasslefree have also released that of Jholkar, the White Lion.


As with Lenore, Jholkar shows off an excellent level of detail and motion, making him the perfect miniature to portray your muscle-bound barbarian character.

Both of these excellent resin masters are only available as limited editions, so if you fancy including them in your adventuring party you better hurry over to Hasslefree.

Will either of these adventurers be joining your fantasy battles?

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