Hasslefree’s Harem Gets a Ton of New Members

August 27, 2013 by dracs

Hasslefree Miniatures have announced a number of new releases ranging from beautiful Harem Girls with stars in weird places to a group of fantasy adventurers looking for a quest.

Harem Girl

Ulf of Gar Northern Swordsmen

Henn Shieldmaiden of Gar

Drya Lafhelgasdottir Runecaster

Brynda Daughter of the Wolf

If this wasn't enough we have also been given a glimpse of one of Hasslefree's WIP, a new variant for the sci-fi Grymn Walker.

Walker Variant

So it looks like Hasslefree Miniatures will have you covered for whatever your gaming needs might be, whether they are fantasy adventures or stomping around on aliens in a giant walker suit. These sculpts are, for the most part, pretty awesome and I am particularly looking forward to seeing how the Walker variant turns out.

Do any of Hasslefree's latest releases stand out to you in particular?

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