Kaha Unveil Some Monstrous Busts

December 2, 2012 by dracs

Kaha have released two new busts of two familiar film monsters.

Kaha - Frankenstein's Monster Bust

Kaha - Gorilla Bust

Yup its Frankenstein's monster and King Kong. OK it isn't referred to as King Kong, it's just a Gorilla as far as I know, but hey it's still pretty cool eh?

Of course it isn't just beasts that Kaha are showing off, beauty gets a look in too with this piece of concept art.

Kaha Miniatures - Svenja Princess of Barbarians

As is usual for barbarian heroes, she doesn't seem too worried about personal armour and protection. However, she will make a really nice hero miniature for your games and I look forward to seeing if she will appear in miniature format.

What do you guys think of these pieces from Kaha?

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