Two New Minis Join Harwood’s Sinbad Selection

April 1, 2013 by dracs

Harwood Hobbies have added two new sculpts to their range based upon the classic Sinbad films of exotic fantasy swashbuckling.

Niyaf Slave Girl

This first one is the slave girl Nyaf, a seductive presence in any game you might wish to include he in.

She is followed by the flamboyant Vizier.


Now as anyone who has ever read a Terry Pratchett book will know a vizier is inevitably a scheming, power hungry villain, so this guy could make a good enemy in your DnD games, a political schemer using sorcery to further his aims.

Both of these are currently 15% off, so now would be the time to get them from Harwood if you like the look of them.

What might you use these as?

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