Mycenaean Swords & Shields Are Bared At Crocodile Games

October 23, 2012 by brennon

Crocodile Games have some more metal miniature parts from the ancient times. Check out their Mycenaean Swords & Shields as well as some warriors to hold them...

Mycenaean Swordsmen

The above swordsmen come as a pack giving you the sword arms and a choice of the shields they use. However you can also buy the sword arms and shields separately for use in your own bitz box experimentation. Check them out below too...

Mycenaean Sword Arms

Sons of Agros Shield

Sons of Tiryns Shield

These are some pretty clean, well detailed shields that would be great for ancient Historical gaming as well as Fantasy. I bet you could even turn these into something Sci-Fi as well!

Do you think you'll be picking the soldiers or their weapon options up?

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