The World of Norsgard Receives a Massive Update

May 24, 2012 by brennon

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The world of Norsgard is getting closer to completion and we have seen a rather nifty Orc Paladin from them not long ago. But of course the one thing you can't leave out when doing a Fantasy game is...Dwarves!

Norsgard Dwarf Concept

This is the concept art from Norsgard's Facebook page showing off a glimpse of a Dwarf looking very angry indeed. I love the interesting anime slant in their world without going too far from those Western cartoon roots.

Norsgard Werewolf Concept

And here is the Dwarfs rather burly looking assistant. This raging Werewolf warrior seems like he should make an awesome model, and we don't see enough Werewolves that's for sure! But as well as this concept art there are a few more morsels on the horizon with Norsgard...

Raven Skaller

Fallen WIP

Temple Executor


If the previous models from Norsgard are anything to go by, the concept art should turn out to be a diamond of a buy. Also I can't pass up another Dwarf model in the collection!

The website has also experienced a bit of a change and they now have a Forum where you can discuss the game!

What do you make of this Norsgard News?

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