The Norsgard Rules are Now Available!

April 6, 2012 by brennon

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The Norsgard Miniatures game has now revealed its rules so you can get playing with some of their released models and test the waters of the system. But first, check out these models...

Orc Templar

The first up is this Orc Templar. I'm liking the variety of different options for his weapons, and would totally plump for the angular shield over the round one for this fighter. Although, this is a perfect chance to paint all the bits up and magnetise the model!

Oracle of Storms

The next one is this beauty, the Oracle of Storms. The model was released in March and is a pretty great looking piece. It bodes well that they are looking this good and you have to hope the game continues to get mighty releases.

But here is the business end, check out the rules for the game here.

See what you think and give us your low down below.

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