Pyre Studios First Miniature Heads To The Caster

December 18, 2012 by brennon

Pyre Studios ran an IndieGoGo Campaign which finished on Sunday 16th of December. It was all in aid of bringing the first miniature from the Haar Miniatures collection to the tabletop, and it ended in success. The resulting figure, Cambric Goayin will be hitting the casters soon...

Cambric Goayin

The Haar collection is for a line of miniatures set in a 'Woodpunk' universe. As the IndieGoGo Campaign states its simply "steampunk without the steam". This is certainly and interesting concept and some of the other artwork points to some rather nice looking models on the horizon.

When I first saw the model I thought it looked an awful lot like he was from a Final Fantasy game!

What do you think of this first miniature?

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