Ramshackle’s Goblin Berzrker Packs A Mini-Punch

December 7, 2013 by brennon

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Yes that is indeed how it's been spelt. Ramshackle have got another iron in the fire with their fantasy characters for both enemies and allies alike and it continues with the Goblin Berzrker. See what you think chaps and chapettes...

Huge Goblin Berzrker

Goblin Berzrker Unpainted

Saying all that, he is 27mm tall so he is quite the Giant Goblin as the name suggests. I quite like him, despite his compact nature and simple look. He would be pretty awesome mixed in with a larger unit of Goblins or on his own as a role-playing boss NPC.

I also like the idea that he's actually an Orc who is masquerading as a Goblin so he can throw his weight around and be in charge of the little ones without revealing himself and getting stabbed in his sleep.

A little bit of monster fun?

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