Reptilian Council Crawls Out from Under Greebo’s Rock

June 5, 2012 by dracs

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Greebo have added a new reptilian team to their game Tutatis and as a long standing Lizardman fan may I just say... YAY!

Greebo - Krogling

Greebo - Krogall

Greebo - Tartalar

These guys are the new minis of the Reptilian Council and while I don't think they are Greebo's greatest miniatures to date they are nonetheless not bad. I particularly like the turtle dude. Because he's a turtle dude.

Greebo have also released three new character minis.

Hulianov, the Red Vampire

Greebo - Hulianov

Krong, the Arena's Warlord

Greebo - Krong

T. Mareck the Undertaker

Greebo - Merek

Its hard to decide whether these three are creepy or cute. The last guy reminds me of the black mage from Final Fantasy games.

Are there any fellow fans of all things scaly here? Have any of you bought any of Greebo's stuff in the past?

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