Scibor Start a Monstrous Snail’s Pace

June 12, 2013 by dracs

Scibor seem to having some problem with snails, but where normal snails might nibble your lettuce this one looks like it might eat the lettuce farmer too.

Mutant Snail

Certainly an imaginative creation, which might make an excellent hero in a daemon army. Personally, I would be inclined to use him in a Beastmen force. Warhammer lore describes Beastmen as being amalgamations of man and all sorts of creatures, who's to say one wouldn't be unlucky enough to end up part snail?

Now as much as I love much of Scibor's range I am forced to admit that I don't think this sculpt meets their usual standards. It looks wrong, and not in a good way. The arm and torso especially look too spindly in comparison with the rest of the body. Still, this is just a WIP so we might hopefully see some improvements.

What do you guys think of Scibor's snail? Is it a terrifying creation, or only fit to be turned into Escargot?

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