Scibor’s Town Guard are Clowning Around

June 30, 2013 by dracs

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Scibor Monstrous have released two eagerly awaited miniatures for their town guard; the superbly characterful Jester and Monk.

Scibor Jester

Scibor Monk Standard Bearer

These characters are somewhat ludicrous in appearance, yet also appear rather grim and ragged. This is particularly true of the monk and his grisly banner.

With such trophies as these it seems obvious to me that these models would be far better suited for fantasy gaming rather than historical. They make the perfect command group for a unit of Empire militia, making the unit seem far more like a ragtag group of individuals who have been drawn together, rather than actual rank and file soldiers.

Will either the Jester or Monk go marching with your armies?

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