ShadowSea’s Abyssal Gark Gets Painted Up

April 9, 2012 by brennon

Check out this (almost finished) painted version of the Abyssal Gark from ShadowSea! It's certainly looking the part and adding some flavour to the world beneath the waves...

Abyssal Gark (Front)

Abyssal Gark (Rear)

Loving the mix of the monstrous and the alien with this beast. The armoured arm covered in runic swirls and the crystal trident add an air of mystery to the model. Also the small legs and huge arms give a real sense of weight and power to the model.

Scaly Horde Commander

And if you're looking for something a little bigger then how about this Scaly Commander? This concept is getting worked on soon to bring it to life and could be a real gem for a collection.

Anything from the deep take your fancy?

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