SIMON Miniatures Release a Sinister Little and Large

October 31, 2012 by dracs

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SIMON Miniatures, the sculptor behind some of the great Rackham Confrontation range, has published pics of a truly sinister mismatched duo of destruction. The Cannibal and Goliath.

SIMON Miniatures - CANNIBAL - Front

SIMON Miniatures - CANNIBAL - Back

These two are awesome sculpts, with a great level of detail to each of them. Both would make excellent characters in any Chaos, or otherwise evil, army.

SIMON Miniatures - GOLIATH - Front

SIMON Miniatures - GOLIATH - Back

They would also be brilliant as either dungeon bosses or evil adventurers in DnD, although the scissor handed Cannibal might have a little trouble in the close confines of a dungeon.


If you guys want to get more details on how to get your hands on these minis you can contact SIMON Miniatures at this email address: [email protected]

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