Tabletop Art Build You a Pirate Base

October 18, 2013 by dracs

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It's time for your minis to hit the deck as Tabletop Art have released a new selection of Pirate bases for your swarthy dogs. Arr.

Pirate Base 50mm 1

Pirate Ship Bases 30mm

Pirate Ship 50mm

Pirate Ship 40mm

Pirate Ship 50mm 3

These are the perfect bases for games of Cutlass and Freebooter's Fate. The design of the bases is characterful and practical. Some of them are a bit plain and dull, but then not every part of the ship's deck is going to be littered with canon balls and treasure. Now which one of these is the poop deck?

Will you be setting sail on the good ship Tabletop Art?

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Supported by (Turn Off)