Tale Of War Head To The Woods With Goldilocks

December 11, 2012 by brennon

If you're looking for something with a fairy tale twist then how about heading to Tale of War for December. Check out Goldilocks and Fon the Vampire Hunter who should be appearing for your painting pleasure soon...


First up we have Goldilocks complete with mighty axe and headless teddy! I think this is certainly an alternative fairy tale where she really, really wanted that porridge and wasn't letting anything stand in her way.

Fon The Vampire Hunter

And next up is Fon the Vampire Hunter who comes with either the cross clutched in his hand or (of all things) a crocodile. This is all looking forwards to Tale of War having its own miniatures game soon enough, so watch this space for that!

Both miniatures seem well sculpted and continue the trend we've come to know from Tale of War. I'm looking forwards to their being some painted versions of them soon to really bring them to life.

Some more alternative fairy tale miniatures please Tale of War!

Which of these two would you pick?

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