Titan-Forge Uncage A Griffon And its Master

April 30, 2012 by brennon

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Check out this Work-in-Progress beast from Titan-Forge. No its not Zomblins, no its not Ogres. It's a Griffon and Rider ready to take on their nefarious foes!

Titan-Forge Griffon Rider

As you can see its a Work-in-Progress green at the moment, but it looks pretty dynamic. The Griffon itself is very impressive with its regal raised head and stance. The rider is harder to talk about and I think we'd need to see a few more shots of him from different angles to truly tell.

But this bodes well for fans of Titan-Forge. A new range of miniatures perhaps focusing on the humans of their universe?

What do you think and what would you change on this model?

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