Troll Forged Elven Blunders

April 1, 2011 by dracs

Troll Forged have now made some new resin Elves available on their store, and I have to say we're not exactly sold on them.

Elf Wizard

Now to be fair I kind of like the wizard figure, who might make a good proxy in a High Elves army, but the warriors do not look good. There is a nice amount of detail but this doesn't change the fact that the sculpts themselves are ugly. I mean look at those helmets. Looks like they've been cosplaying as James Cameron's Alien!

Elf Warrior 1

Any way what are your thoughts guys? Could you redeem these models in any way? Personally I'm disappointed in these after some of the good stuff Troll Forged have been doing recently.

BoW Sam

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