Twelve Elements Of War Kickstarter Cancelled

December 23, 2013 by brennon

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The campaign for Twelve Elements of War has unfortunately had to be cancelled by Sword & Board Games but they are certainly not seeing this as a defeat. The folks behind it have an amazing concept and I think plenty of people were on board to make this one a reality.

Twelve Elements Rulebook

We've had a chat with the man behind the campaign and he tells us what happened, what they learned and where Sword & Board Games are going next with this project.

What are the reasons for the cancellation?

It was such a hard decision to make, but one that I think needed to be made. There are a number of reasons that have led to the campaigns cancellation. The Kickstarter campaign and the interest it has developed, has made clear to us that those who want the game would like it to be more realized than we currently have it, and we are receiving contact from retailers who would like levels of stock which we just cannot provide at this time.

Concept to Model

The support we have had for the game and the miniatures from all areas has been 95% positive. This is a good sign that we are on the right track.

We will be back in July 2014 with fresh concept art (already underway) and shorter campaign duration. I hope that the loyal backers we had for the campaign will understand and be back in July to support us.

What do you think you've learned from the Kickstarter experience?

I’ve learned so much from running the campaign. Running a Kickstarter is not an easy thing to do. If it was, everyone would be running one. It is mentally and physically exhausting, lots of sleepless nights. It's filled with making sure you have answered all the comments that are coming in on the campaign page to a high level of satisfaction of the backers, answering private messages from interested parties be they retailers or potential backers and also the occasional abusive person who feels it necessary to inform you what they actually think of your campaign and product. This, and making sure your still doing the day to day things for your family, add up to no free time.

Mining Guild Goblin

Any teething troubles that I may have had in this campaign being my first have been ironed out. I’ve made sure I engaged the backers during the campaign and asked their opinions and took some of the ideas on board.

I certainly don’t see this as a failure. I see it as a learning experience that can only make any future endeavour better.

Where is Sword & Board Games & Twelve Elements going from here?

Only forwards and upwards!!!

After the New Year we will be working on all the new concept art for the July campaign. This art will be for all new miniatures and possibly some new races if the campaign does well. We still want to bring the gaming community the original miniatures ideas we have but also add to the range given the nature and setup of our game.

Shadow Hold Male Elf

This is not the end, by a long shot. If anything it’s a new beginning and a brighter future for the game.

We hope to have the Twelve Elements of War rulebook available in our web store in the first half of next year.

Do you think you will be coming back to Kickstarter as your fundraising platform?

We will definitely be coming back to Kickstarter. One of the main issues for this campaign was its length of 45 days and the fact that it was being run over Christmas and New Year. I had done research on Kickstarter to see if running a campaign in this time was viable. Looking at other campaign from the same period in 2012 showed that it can be done, so we were confident that we could make it work as well.

In a perfect world the campaign would have made all of the goals we set for it. However, it’s not a perfect world and mistakes were made. The important thing is to learn from mistakes, overcome them and be successful next time.

Tristan Abdini - Sword & Board Games

So as you can see they are down but not defeated! We at the Beasts of War team were totally behind this fundraiser and really liked the originality of the concept and, as we said in On The Table, the nature of the factions and the way they had been made up.

Mining Guild Troll

It would be great to see this game return in the middle of next year and smash through those funding goals. In the mean time we have the rulebook to look forward to so watch out for that one.

Lastly thank you to Tristan for giving us the time and answering these questions!

What do you think of the news?

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