New Vaettir Release from Tor Gaming

May 23, 2011 by beerogre

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New for Relics, comes this Vaettir offering, the stone-like Vstonin...

You can pre-order this miniature from the Tor Gaming Webstore. Here's some of the story surrounding the character:

The Vstonin are compassionless creatures who exist only to wreak vengeance upon their foes, their physical durability and instinct for survival leaves them standing strong long after those around them have succumbed to the eternal death.

In battle, they fight alone or in small, close knit groups, cleaving through the ranks of their enemies with breathtaking ease. When threatened they can manipulate their physical forms to absorb and deflect damage at the cost of their own mobility, through this method a Vstonin is capable of making itself impervious to most damage and at times can be near invincible.

The model itself is a bit deceptive, for some reason it looks like it should be smaller than it is, at 40mm to the eyes. Still, even if you don't play Relics, this would make an interesting fantasy monster for D&D or Pathfinder.

BoW Andy

Now with a scale shot, courtesy of Tor Gaming!

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