White Knight’s Miniatures Previews Some Sassy Lasses

July 20, 2013 by brennon

White Knight's Miniature collection produces some very nice looking pieces and this next set is no different. Check out their Weisz Sisters who are looking utterly awesome...


First up we have Katarina who has a 'fondness of apples and likes hanging out with Dwarfs'. She is certainly the more princess like of the two, the second of which you will see in a moment.


Kristen is the tomboy of the duo and is certainly an awesome looking adventurer. If you hadn't guessed by now these two are interesting dark fantasy takes on the old Snow White tale. The second of these sisters is more based on the modern adaptation with Tho...I mean, Chris Hemsworth.

I would certainly use Kristen as a Warhammer Fantasy adventurer.

What do you think of the pair?

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